which laptop????mines been stolen

  mattbell1975 21:21 07 Feb 2003

hello ive bben the unfortunate victim of laptop theft and as a result am going to have to replace it with a new one......however my old laptop was not very good with the games and i like to be able to game whilst on the move....are there any specific laptops which are very good at everthing????? id like a dvd/cdrw combo drive and something witha respectable processor and hdd/ram all the gubbins really...any ideas on what model and where????

many thanks matt

  mattbell1975 21:31 07 Feb 2003


  Sir Radfordin™ 22:00 07 Feb 2003

What was the old one?

Do you have a budget?

Without answers to those questions, you need to decide what you want from the laptop. Do you want a portable desktop, or a laptop that you can practially take around with you?

If the later go for one of the light Dell or Sony ones. If the former then look at the charts on this site, Dell are a strong make. PC World often have some good deals. Rock is another company that may offer something to suit.

Remember, very few people make laptops so they are often all a very similar spec.

  Poloman69 23:04 07 Feb 2003

Check out www. novatech. co.uk

  Poloman69 23:05 07 Feb 2003

Check out www. novatech. co.uk they have fantastic deals on laptops - theres also a competition to win one each month

  lacker 23:55 07 Feb 2003

totally agree with 'poloman69',have a Novatech laptop which appears to be a Hi-Grade renamed.Cannot fault it. Don't know what games you had in mind, but it is good enough,for me to play'combat flight simulator' on it.(Lugging the joystick around is a bit of a problem though)

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