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Which laptop would you choose and recommend?

  cassas43 14:25 25 Jan 2018

Or recommend an alternative?

Budget £500

Key Features:

Laptop A: New, £460, i5-7500u, 256gb SSD, No Optical Drive

Laptop B: Manufacturer refurbished (Refurbished As New (Unused)), £500, i7-8550U, 2TB HDD, Yes Optical Drive

Both 8gb ram, Win 10 home 64 bit, 1 year manufacturer warranty, 15.6 inch screen, SD card reader

Used mainly for work such as putting together presentations and reports, email, slight photo and video editing (only trimming, nothing too intensive), web browsing.

I know it doesn't sound intensive but I've had i3's in the past that were just downright slow in day to day things such as web browsing, starting up etc and it just gets irritating. 256gb storage is plenty

Alternatively for £580 I could get, also a refurb (Refurbished As New (Unused)):

i7-7500U 16 GB ram 256GB SSD Optical Drive No Optical Drive NVIDIA GeForce 940MX 2gb

Help me out!

  john bunyan 21:17 25 Jan 2018

The last one looks good, if 250 gig is enough storage for you. Maybe have a backup USB HDD when you can

  rishi1298 19:14 08 Mar 2018

Depends on which factor you want to buy a laptop. If you are Gammer then the last one is good but the storage is quite less compared to the two you listed. Laptop B is my choice.

  Ethanr007 12:41 03 May 2018

Laptop B is best. Because it contains all features that you require within your budget.

  Forum Editor 10:21 04 May 2018

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