Which laptop should I buy?

  pcmcgee 20:16 23 Sep 2011

Hi, I am in the process of ordering a new laptop from PC world through work. I know some might not agree with getting it from here but I have no choice in the matter, as this is where our account it held.

The three I have been recomended are;




I have not really had a chance to see these as they will be ordered form a store that is local to our office, which is miles from where I live (I work from home).

What would you do in my situation?

I like the look of the Acer but I am not sure I trust them as a brand? Even though I see them a lot what is the quality of them?

My budget is 500 ex. vat, so if there is another on their site that you would prefer let me know and ill look at those too.

Thankyou in advance.

  northumbria61 20:49 23 Sep 2011

I can only speak for Acer - we have 3 in the family - 1 of them is 8yrs old - no problems. No doubt others will disagree - a bit like PC World - you either love em or hate em!

  Bike-it 00:25 24 Sep 2011

We have three Dell laptops in our house and they need new parts regular, screens, keyboards, chargers, and batteries, i my opinion avoid Dell.

  pcmcgee 09:43 25 Sep 2011


  Bike-it 12:28 25 Sep 2011

Back to the start, what will you be using the laptop for?

  pcmcgee 12:58 25 Sep 2011

I will be using it for work, not gaming. Mostly -

Reports music movies photo editing (for personal stuff)

And then there's my work, which involves specialist software but all programs are within the specs.

I plan to set up a Vmware suite on this machine too, so I'm thinking the extra RAM will help.

  northumbria61 23:00 25 Sep 2011

The Acer is a good spec. with the extra RAM and larger HDD. The Asus is £100 cheaper and you could add extra RAM from that saving. I personally would recommend either but I am not a fan of Dell.

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