Which Laptop to buy -advice please!!

  philscott 14:02 12 Feb 2010

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to buy a laptop in the £400-£600 range, although could go higher if worth it.

Use will be for home - surfing web, itunes, Football Manager etc. Also looking to use for home studio recording which might require more power i guess. Portability not really an issue.

Which makes are most reliable? Are the Apples as good as I hear? Which makes have the best tech support?

Advice is much appreciated!!


  ame 15:40 12 Feb 2010

click here is worth a read first off, but don't take it as gospel. Support is another issue, and the response you get depends on the problem. You will get all sorts of different stories on here about reliability and support of various makes - but the above survey is better than listening to various individuals' experiences, I reckon. Do buy from a reliable supplier.

  ame 20:16 12 Feb 2010

Suggest you say what home studio recording software you're using (and sytem requirements if you have them) if your looking for suggestions as to a particular machine.

  Dragon_Heart 23:18 13 Feb 2010

Then why a laptop ?

PC or Mac that's down to personal choice.

I agree with 'ame' comments.

  philscott 18:01 14 Feb 2010

Thanks to you both for your advice.

Very interesting review of reliability there - I've had an HP work laptop before so can verify that side of things!!

As for the software, I don't have any right now (I use a separate hard drive 8 track) but want to up the sophistication of the recordings so will need to record through the computer for this.

Had a look at one of the better softwares (Cubase) and the min requirements are:

CPU 2 GHz (Dual Core CPU recommended)
1024 MB RAM
Display resolution of 1280x800 recommended

Re portability, it's not a big issue but I still want the option of moving around the house and taking back to my parents for the holidays etc, so will still need a laptop.

Can you think of any specific makes/models which might be good to look at?


  ame 20:37 14 Feb 2010

Personally I'd go for something faster for futureproofing, as laptops are not easy to upgrade like desktops are - suggest min 4gb RAM with facility on mainboard to go to 8gb in future, a dedicated graphics card and a faster processor. Fast processor is the main thing as not really practical to upgrade in a laptop for future software. 64 bit windows 7 allows more than 4gb RAM.

click here for £289 off Dell Studio 15 with new-ish i5 processor - buy only until 17th February, at £529.

  ame 20:54 14 Feb 2010

If you do go for this laptop, add the wireless n capability for £10

  ame 21:10 14 Feb 2010

Or you may want a 17 inch screen as opposed to a 15 inch since it will double as a desktop and won't need moved often, but either the cost goes up or the specification goes down. Also check battery life. click here to compare with the 15 inch Dell's.

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