Which laptop is the best out of these two?

  advisorchic 12:44 19 Apr 2017

Which laptop is the best out of these two?

ASUS G752VY-T7049T


  Archonar 13:08 19 Apr 2017

To be honest they are both very similar, the main difference is the GTX 1060 vs 980 and they are very similar cards (see here for comparison - just look at the fps charts in the review to see how they compare : click here)

Just pick the one that is cheaper / easier to get. The extra VRAM (6GB compared to 4) may mean that the 1060 handles upcoming games better but I wouldn't say there will be a definitive performance difference between the 2.

  advisorchic 13:18 19 Apr 2017

Thank you for the reply.

Would you say the GTX 1060 is better for video editing rather than the 980?

  Archonar 17:44 19 Apr 2017

For video editing what matters really is cpu and ram, you don't need a top of the range GPU at all for that. Get the best cpu and as much ram as possible and then worry about the video card last. Both of them will be overkill for video editing so whichever has the most ram / best cpu is the one you should choose.

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