Which laptop for £400.or under to play POKER on??

  PIMPIN 15:08 08 Feb 2007

Hi, i could use some advice please. Laptop will need to cope with a few screens open at once.
I will be using it for playing poker , emails and the internet . Should i be looking for a minimum ram/cpu speed/fsb thingy??/onboard graphics or minimum for graphics card/any other vitals i have missed.
Is worth noting that it will be sofa based so im not fussy about battery life, and that will be almost exclusivly used for playing internet poker, so will need enough oomph to cope with 2-3 poker windows open at the same time.( pc crashes cost money ) Many thanks for your time in advance. and rememember- never bluff a bad player...

  MichelleC 15:18 08 Feb 2007

Look at Dell click here

How much do you plan on losing, oh I mean winning?

  skidzy 15:26 08 Feb 2007

Totally recommend Dell as above.However i would advise for something a bit better than a Celeron processor and thats all you will get i guess on your budget.You may be lucky and find something though.

Novatech do some good deals also,but there listings are normally without the os,this you can add.Realistically,if you can add £100 to your budget,you will get a lot better machine.

click here

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