Which to keep?

  chub_tor 14:41 22 Feb 2006

I have 3 destop PC's and my better half insists that one of them has to go. I know that I am keeping the one I recently built so my choice is to get rid of
a) MSI 645E Max motherboard with 1.7GHz Celeron this is Socket 478 with USB 1.
b) ECS K7S5A motherboard Socket A with USB 2 onboard LAN and 1Ghz Duron.
Both machines have 80Gb hard drives and 512Mb DDR Ram. I have added a USB 2 PCI card and an ethernet card to unit a) and I can mix & match the other peripherals such as DVD R?W and CD R?W.
So if you were forced to choose one machine to keep for a backup which would you go for?

  mattyc_92 16:38 22 Feb 2006

I would "strip" down computer b and use for spare parts for computer a

  Diodorus Siculus 16:38 22 Feb 2006

I'd keep both and get a decent kvm switch - three base units, one monitor, keyboard and mouse. See if hte better half notices anything!

  007al 16:55 22 Feb 2006

Have you thought of divorce?
No,seriously,i would lose the celeron and with whatever money you make on it,upgrade the cpu in the socket A.

  spuds 16:56 22 Feb 2006

Hide one in the attic, you may need it one day. She won't know!.

  wallbash 17:51 22 Feb 2006

Go with spuds idea , everyone happy

  chub_tor 19:22 22 Feb 2006

Thanks for the advice but I already have two others in the attic an Elonex 286-12 (my very first which cost over £1200 and I keep for pure sentiment) and an Austin Computers (whatever happened to them?) 486 with a 40Mb hard drive - all you'll ever need sir - which also cost around £1000. Plus boxes of old ISA boards that I really must boot sale one day.
I think that I'll take Mattyc_92's advice and rejig the ECS machine and upgrade the processor and try and flog the Celeron unit.

  EARLR 20:34 22 Feb 2006

Your a pack rat like me, never throw anything away You will regret it. Ma by not the Wife.

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