Which ISP? ZEN? ADSL24?

  IanS1 16:45 01 Nov 2007

Hi, I wonder if some of you could give me advice, or even just your general opinions, about the different ISP’s?

Reason I ask is - my neighbour just bought a new DELL laptop & I offered to help her set things up, inc. an internet/isp connection.

Really I don’t know much about it myself, but the idea was to save her from the £79 that Dell offered to charge her (& I assume Dell also wanted her to sign up to their favourite ISP).

After a quick look around on the net, it seems all the big name ISP’s get lots of complaints, eg Tiscali, Pipex, BT, Orange, Virgin, TalkTalk.

Those with most recommendations appear to be smaller ISP’s, especially Zen and ADSL24. And perhaps also “be” and maybe Madasafish (I’m not sure about Vispa).

Anyway, I’d very grateful if any of you could comment on any of those ISP’s, either from your own experience with them, or simply from your experience of discussing those companies on forums like this. Any comments and suggestions will be very helpful.

Last thing - she won’t be doing anything fancy on the net, just basic use of Google & email, etc. (no games or big downloads).

Many thanks,


  exodus 17:23 01 Nov 2007

Hi, when I first tried to get Broadband, I discovered I had a BT shared line (DACS). I tried a few ISP's but all backed off when they discovered the DACS line. They just could not be bothered with the extra hassle.

To cut a long story short, Zen were the only ISP that were willing to get BT to remove the shared line and enable my connection. All done within 5 days.

Zen are not the cheapest but they do go that bit extra to help out their customers. Have been with them a few years now without any problems.

Newnet maybe another to look at.


  IanS1 17:55 01 Nov 2007

Cheers exo ... very helpful info.

A quick internet search suggests no probs with any type of broadband connection where I live (Chiswick, W.London), so I'm guessing any of the ISP's will work OK.

Do you have any general comments about the other ISP's I listed? I know you won't have had experience with many others apart from ZEN, but I'm intersted in any general comments on which ISP she should go for...eg do you think ZEN, ADSL24 and maybe "be" would be safe choices?

All comments from others here, very gratefully recieved.

Thanks, guys.

  exodus 18:01 01 Nov 2007

Hi, for an ISP comparison guide click here

use the links in the left pane at the site.


  exodus 18:05 01 Nov 2007

Hi, this may also help
click here


  GaT7 18:23 01 Nov 2007

Also see DSL ZoneUK click here. For the ratings click here (scroll down for details). G

  aine 19:08 01 Nov 2007

I use namesco do not have any problems with them.Local call centre,good quick replies. Prices compatible with most, I use 2MB fixed never drops below 1.9MB Aine

  Pineman100 19:09 01 Nov 2007

The big ISP's that you've listed do seem to attract more criticisms, but I suppose you could argue that the law of simple percentages ensures that they will have more dis-satisfied customers than the smaller ones.

I can only say that I've had a Tiscali Broadband account for several years, and I have no complaints at all.

I was recently dis-satisfied with the speeds I was getting on my "up to 2MB" account, so I complained to them. After running a few checks they told me that the problem was BT's fault. They arranged for a BT engineer to visit my home to check everything out - this culminated in the problem being identified as the ADSL card in the exchange. It was renewed and all is now OK.

Well done Tiscali.

  IanS1 19:22 01 Nov 2007

Hi guys, thanks for the replies & links.

From those links, and especially the stories on the forum pages, it does look like I’m on the right track choosing between Zen, ADSL24 and BE … do we all agree with that, or are there any dissenting views?

Yes, I note what Pineman100 says, and I've really had the same experience with Pipex, ie been with them 5 years and it's always been OK, but I'm a very un-demanding user...if I were to change I think I'd go for ZEN now.

So....ZEN, ADSL24, BE ... do we think those are all pretty good & safe choices, yes?


  GaT7 19:39 01 Nov 2007

If she's got a O2 pay monthly mobile contract she could get a relative bargain from their broadband offering click here. O2 use BE btw (they own them click here).

It comes with a 100-day money back guarantee as well (terms under '100 Day Money Back Guarantee ("Promotion") terms & condition' at click here). G

P.S. DSL ZoneUK ratings (see link in my previous post) have ADSL24 at no2, while Zen & BE are 11 & 13 respectively. I'm sure it's a lot closer in reality.

  Border View 19:46 01 Nov 2007

No question - Zen may be more expensive. But for service you cannot beat them.

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