Which ISP to move on too?

  User-F2431D4F-62D0-4437-928506E1A8EE85F7 20:13 25 Oct 2005


Does anybody suggest a better ISP than AOL Platinum currently £29.99 a month as I have been told that there are better deals out there?

Tell me what yoy think!!

Would appreciate any response!!


  Jackcoms 20:21 25 Oct 2005

ANY ISP is better than AOL.

But for the best go to click here

  gartoye 20:26 25 Oct 2005

hi ive got BT 2mb at the same price as you're paying, i thought it was dear, but thinking about it i have never been unable to connect and have had no problems at all. So if a reliable connection is what you are after then it may be ideal, just be aware when they offer a free speed upgrade check the terms & conditions, ive now got a 15gb monthly usage allowance (it was unlimited before) & im tied into another 12 month contract with em. hope this helps.

  Stuartli 21:28 25 Oct 2005

The Tiscali service mentioned by Jackoms is difficult to beat - £17.99 for unlimited 2MB or £15.99 with a 2GB cap. You can even take out special BB + phone packages for very little more.

Despite some criticism of Tiscali in these columns, I've been with it since the WorldOnline days and have had few complaints.

It also upgrades services quite regularly for no extra charge. For instance I started on a 1MB service with 2GB cap in April and within six weeks this was upgraded to 2MB; the upgrade was in place the following day.

In turn, the capped £14.99 1MB service (I missed out on this as a customer because I had already taken out a contract) is now unlimited.

  chub_tor 22:15 25 Oct 2005

ou can compare all the broadband ISP's here click here. I chose Freedom 2 Surf and have never regretted it.

  WhenHeavenTouchesEarth 22:40 25 Oct 2005

Freedom 2 Surf here too.

Been with NDO previously (before they were bought by Namesco), and they were great. Zen prior to that, great also. I just swap when I can get a better deal :)

  ade.h 22:46 25 Oct 2005

F2S here too. Not the absolute cheapest, but excellent service. The comprehensive hosting is good value and helps because I can keep my domains in the same place as my ADSL.

  ade.h 22:48 25 Oct 2005

Also; I would consider three features in particular to be paramount - free webspace, your own domain name and no contract period.

  spuds 00:07 26 Oct 2005

Tiscali proves to be a winner in my case. But you can obtain further ISP information from click here

  wobblymike 10:25 26 Oct 2005

I have moved to Plusnet 2Gb, uncapped - am delighted with it £14.99

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