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  johno 23:10 07 Aug 2004

I currently use AOL & pay £25 for the broadband service. I have never had any problems with them & like the free helpline. However I would prefer to use Outlook as an email program but can't with AOL.
I don't like Freeserve or Wanado (whatever)as they charge an extortionate rate for help. What do the forum recommend to give good broadband service, free help, use Outlook & charge around £25 a month?

Thanks in advance.

  Dipso 23:25 07 Aug 2004

You do mean Outlook not Outlook Express?

  THE TERMINATOR 23:25 07 Aug 2004

Why can't you use Outlook with AOL?

  johno 23:42 07 Aug 2004


I do mean Outlook rather than Express but will make do with Express if necessary.

I guess there must be a fix for Outlook & AOL. I would be very keen on this if you know how to achieve it.



  Crash 23:46 07 Aug 2004

There is a way - click here

  Dipso 00:03 08 Aug 2004

Was going to point you to same thing as Crash. I read about it in a mag recently and your post rang some bells, it seems it's not so simple for Outlook though.

  johno 00:20 08 Aug 2004

I have it working on Outlook Express which is amazing as I didn't think it could be done. I still think that it might be an idea to move providers. What do you think.

  Crash 00:26 08 Aug 2004

Try looking at this site click here as it has tons of info on isps and has a compare tool to help you choose an isp. The best ones seem to be freedom2surf, plusnet, pipex and metronet(if you are a low user).

  Dipso 00:31 08 Aug 2004

I'm with Metronet. If you use up to 5 Gig a month, their PayAsYouGo deal is definitely your best choice. You can use Outlook but you don't get email addy's as part of the package. This wasn't a problem for me though as I just reconfigured my existing Tiscali, ic24 addy's to be used with Metronet.

  Dipso 00:33 08 Aug 2004

click here prices from £11.75 inc VAT a month. If AOL support migration you could avoid the connection fee and migrate for £17 I think.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:34 08 Aug 2004

AS the quality of ISP's varies around the country I would ask any of your neighbours what they are using and if they get good speeds rather than asking here. Once set up you should never need a help line.


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