Which ISP?

  darrboy 14:19 27 Jul 2004

I am looking for a new ISP,I am currently with wanadoo(broadband 512k) and paying £27.99,which seems a bit expensive, I do not want any limitations or free modem, just a reliable service

  jonnytub 14:25 27 Jul 2004

are you in a cable area?

  darrboy 14:34 27 Jul 2004

sadly, no

  jonnytub 14:54 27 Jul 2004
  jonnytub 14:55 27 Jul 2004

broadband comparison site click here

  darrboy 15:00 27 Jul 2004

I have been recommended click here and have read some very good reviews about them, does anyone use this ISP

  The Dark Sage 16:13 27 Jul 2004

Is the one that I use, as well as all of the remote sales people that I support.

Used it without error for about a year now. Some of the salespeople have been on even longer and they also have been problem free

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