Which ISP

  old-timer 11:53 26 Jul 2004

I am currently on cable broadband, but will shortly be moving to a non-cable area. I understand that broadband is available, but am unsure which ISP to go with.
I am considering TISCALI or BT. The problem with BT may be the download capping.
I would be grateful for comments from users of these ISP's, or any other suggestions.

  sil_ver 11:58 26 Jul 2004

I use Virgin BB, no capping, no contract no problems £25pm

  old-timer 12:37 26 Jul 2004

Good site.. Noticed One-Tel offer broadband and unlimited phone calls for £29.99 p.m. As I was going to pay BT for unlimited calls, this seems like a bargain.

Does anyone have experience of One-Tel broadband, and can you use connect with two machines, using a router.

  old-timer 16:15 26 Jul 2004

Thanks chaps.. I will investigate and decide just prior to moving.

  bremner 17:30 26 Jul 2004

........................whatever you say it still is AOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)

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