Which ISP?

  drdeath 17:09 31 May 2004

Hi, i was hoping anyone could advise me a good solid isp server, ive just cancelled my subscribition with aol, as not happy with service, need unmetered, non quick cut off time server!! any thought or suggestions appreciated regards

  Fruit Bat 17:28 31 May 2004

click here or click here for guidence

  pj123 17:32 31 May 2004

drdeath. Unfortunately, as far as I am concerned I think you have "cut off your nose to spite your face". As far as unmetered, with no cut off I think AOL is probably the best. I have NTL Broadband and still retain an AOL dialup account on my PC. What was your beef with AOL? For what you are looking for now I think your best bet is Broadband, but at a cost. My BB is with NTL unlimited but costs £25 per month. There are lot's of others at prices varying from £17.99 to £30. All of them have conditions. Some give "free modem and free connection" with a low monthly payment but only at the lowest speed of 128kbps, or are restricted to a few hours per month. Most of them give a good monthly payment but a one-off charge for the modem and connection fee. All as far as I know (except for metronet) are on a 12 month contract. Most of them do not give you an email address either. You might like to reconsider your actions with AOL if you are on dialup.

  ste_bla 17:47 31 May 2004

I think drdeath (nice name) wants a dial up isp concerdering the dr wants a 'non quick cut off time' and on BB you dont really get cut off..

  CurlyWhirly 21:55 31 May 2004

I too think you have been a bit hasty as I know AOL has it's faults but unmetered access isn't one of them as I have left my PC online for over 24 hours on a couple of occasions and I wasn't kicked off the network!

  keith-236785 07:28 01 Jun 2004

click here, free isp (you only pay the phone bill for time spent online), TWO hour cutoof time.for a free service, i use it for a backup to my NTL BB.

there are many others out there, but its just down to trial and error. just avoid Freeserve (or whatever its new name is).

  keith-236785 07:32 01 Jun 2004

if you do choose to try freeuk, choose your username carefully as it also becomes your web address (free webspace) ie. if you setup your account as "fredbloggs" your e-mail address would be [email protected]........ your webspace address would be www .fredbloggs.freeuk.com

hope this helps.

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