Which Intel Motherboard socket which isn't being phased out

  Audio~~Chip 11:20 03 Sep 2011


Been a while since I was last here, I am going to build my Brother a new machine as I have built my own machines in the past. But with falling behind on the changing technology I see these new Intel Skt Type like 1366 & 1155 etc

I am trying ot avoid choosing am motherboard which is being phased out. I have a feeling Socket 775 is on its way out with the amount of them arround.

Are the Socket 1155 Z68 chipset going to be arround for a while ? I see also there is a P67 but the prices are a little too much.

Gretfull for any guidance please.

  northumbria61 12:57 03 Sep 2011

From what I have read Socket 775 is as you say on it's way out.

The Intel Socket 1155 Z68 has just been launched this year so is going to be around for a while. enter link description here

Best price for P67 appears to Amazon enter link description here Prices vary for the Z68 depending on manufacturer enter link description here

  gengiscant 13:49 03 Sep 2011

It really depends on what your budget is,what the PC is going to be used for.

If its just a general PC then SKT 775 is fine there is plenty of components kicking around at reasonably cheap rates. If you want something more up to date then P55 or P67 is the way to go.

  retep888™ 13:59 03 Sep 2011

If you have a dedicated graphic card then buy the P67.

If you plan to use the onboard graphic then get the Z68.

If the P67 & Z68 are the same price then get the Z68.

  Audio~~Chip 22:33 04 Sep 2011

Thank U Northumbria61, Gengistcant & Retep888 for your replies !

I have a dedicated PCI Express which is being transfered over to this new machine a nVidia 8800GTX, so that says P67 or P68 Agree Northumbria61 Skt775 is on its way out and don't want to risk using a dated part that may not be available in 11 months.

Just found out that the case I will be using is for Micro ATX only! so that narrow things down. The case is a Ex Mesh machine.

Thanks again to everyone, I know what to look for now.

Cheers all

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