which heatsink and fan?

  wky 17:20 11 Apr 2006

Hi, I have a pc that is running an amd athlon 850mhz cpu and the fan on it has broken, so i'm changing the heatsink aswell. Does anyone know what cpu will fit on it? and what socket is that processor? thanks. I had a look on ebuyer but I didn't know if they will fit.

  Devil Fish 17:51 11 Apr 2006

socket A by the looks of things

click here

  wky 17:53 11 Apr 2006

Hi, thanks. I just found it myself on wikipedia. I've looked on ebuyer but couldn't find any socket A heatsink and fans, can anyone help?

  wky 17:54 11 Apr 2006

hi sorry, I realise some heatsink and fans are described as socket A but they are for sempron processors, would they also work on mine? Thanks.

  Belatucadrus 18:06 11 Apr 2006

click here for another option, Slot A was used by Pentium 2, some Athlons & Semprons. It didn't last that long before it was superseded and I doubt eBuyer stock them as it would be a low volume/value item that doesn't fit with their pile it high flog it cheap business model.

  wky 18:22 11 Apr 2006

Nah, this is a slot processor, it is socket. But thanks.

  Devil Fish 23:34 11 Apr 2006

click here

supports up to 1.8ghz

  Devil Fish 23:37 11 Apr 2006

try this one

click here

upto 1.8ghz athlon

  Devil Fish 23:37 11 Apr 2006

try this one

click here

up to 1.8ghz athlon

  Belatucadrus 00:17 12 Apr 2006

OK socket A it is then click here, AMD did 850 athlons in both fits.

  goonerbill © ® 02:20 12 Apr 2006

hi wky. i have one of these sat at home that will be ok for your system. it is brand new and never been out of its box (was bought for someone and they changed there mind, teach me not to take the money first). if you would like to purchase it, contact me.

click here

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