Which HDD to replace mine please ?

  Furkin 14:39 04 Mar 2006

Hi all, I have an ACER Aspire T120 with original HDD (WD400EB-00CPFO). I want to replace this 40gig with something bigger. I 'think' my existing is a Western Digital ATA133 (IDE) tho' i'm willing to be corrected.
I obviously want to get the same "TYPE" as the existing,,, not necessarily brand-wise !
Can anyone confirm the type of the WD400EB-00CPFO please,,, & where to go for a great deal for a replacement at the moment ? Am looking at 120/160/200 etc.

many thanks

  Furkin 14:43 04 Mar 2006

PS. If my existing is ATA133,,, Do I need to stick to the '133' ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:04 04 Mar 2006

You need an IDE hard drive [parallel (PATA) not serial {SATA}]

click here
300GB maxtor £75 fourth from bottom.

  Smiler 15:14 04 Mar 2006

Fruit Bat /\0/\'s recommendation is excellent value but will your bios cope with such a large hard disk drive? or any of the ones you have listed?

  Furkin 15:58 04 Mar 2006

FRUIT BAT: Thanks - I had assumed (!) it was serial,,, so that's one help.
SMILER: Thanks - I hadn't even thought of that ! All I have from Acer is "Probable upgrades are: Upgrade to High Capacity HDD" Apart from upgrading the RAM (& adding a LG DVD RW as suggested in these pages - thanks)the kit is as original. Does anyone know what the max size might be then please ? It's no use my asking ACER,,, as they seem to be a little lax in the Customer Care department ! thanks so far -- anything else appreciated ?

  terryf 16:16 04 Mar 2006

lok at click here to give you the specs for this model, a google search found this

  Smiler 16:37 04 Mar 2006

What bios and version does it have?

  Furkin 16:44 04 Mar 2006

SMILER: Not sure,,,,, (just been looking into the link supplied by terryf but as my machine is playing up, am having trouble finding what I want ! (am having trouble connecting to links etc,,,, I was taking the opportunity to upgrade the HDD whilst i'm having it doctored !)
Can I find the version without rebooting ? I have Sandra ???

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:15 04 Mar 2006

If its already got a 40G then the BIOS will not be a problem.

You need XP SP2 to overcome the windows recognition limit of 127G.

After that the skies the limit especially with the manufactures drive tools available for download.

  Furkin 09:52 05 Mar 2006

Thanks all, it looks like i'll be going for Seagate 120gb PATA (IDE) from e-buyer (Free delivery) One last question, does it matter whether I go for ATA100 or ATA133 ? I'm almost certain that my machine has a 133 bus ?!?!
as usual - great & friendly help.
thanks again --

  Furkin 09:55 05 Mar 2006

I am running XP & SP2. I also have a copy of what is called Final Edition of XP ?!?! (as opposed to 'beta' version that we may be now using ???) Is there such a thing ? It didn't cost me anything, so it wasn't a 'sales spiel' !
cheers all

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