Which HDD for PVR ?

  Furkin 07:52 07 May 2014

I’m going to replace the drive in my Topfield 5800 PVR. Currently it’s a 160 PATA but I’m replacing it with a SATA – which brings me on to a couple of questions:

firstly, as far as this application is concerned,,,,,, secondly as far as my desktop PC is concerned.

I thought that 400/500gb would suffice for this, but I don’t suppose it’ll hurt - for the money - to go up to 1tb - it may come in handy later.

1) I’ve been advised to get a ‘Green’ low-powered item. When I start looking, I see that some are actually tagged as Green,,,, and some are tagged as Blue. What do these terms mean ?

2) I’m also seeing 3Gb/s & 6Gb/s drives – what is the difference ?

3) SATA II or SATA III ? What’s the difference ?

Any other advice appreciated.

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