Which HD should be Master & Partitioning

  lightfeet 15:50 28 Jan 2005

My 100GB Hard Drive is almost full & I am now adding an additional HD (200GB) mainly for my video editing files. I have two questions:

1. Which HD should be the master – should it be the largest?

2. Should the new 200GB HD be partitioned & if so, what sizes should the partitions be?

Many thanks in anticipation

  Totally-braindead 15:55 28 Jan 2005

Its entirely up to you how you partition it. It depends on what you use it for. I would suggest splitting it into 2 100gig drives but you may want more depending on what you use it for, its really up to you. Check the new hard drive against the old one, which is faster and has a bigger buffer, the new one is probably the faster one, but check this out and make the faster drive the master.

  Storik 16:00 28 Jan 2005

which is the master, although it is usually the one with the operating system. For some unknown reason (something I've probably done)my WindowsXP is on my "J" drive, although it is on the first partition of my master drive.

Regarding partitioning (I always partition my drives) it depends on how much room you need for your files. If you divide your 200GB into three, will the partitions be big enough?


  lightfeet 07:46 29 Jan 2005

Thanks Storik & Totally braindead for your prompt & helpful replies. I shall fit my new HD over the weekend & if I run into any problems I’ll be back for more advice!

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