Which graphics card should I get?

  tiaga 17:58 01 Apr 2007

Hi ppl
I have a compaq presario 061
intel(R) pentium(R) 4cpu 3.06ghz
1024MB RAM
Directx 9.0c
Radeon x300/x550 series
ATI Technologies Inc
power supply 300watts
Please could anyone advise which graphics card upgrade I should get. I have been playing a game which you download off the internet.My card that was before sufficient..seems not so anymore. please help!
:) thanks

  Armchair 18:06 01 Apr 2007

Well, what about a 7600GT? Should be okay with your 300 watt PSU, and it'll be one hell of an upgrade from that ATI clunker you have. Of course, tere are many better cards around than the 7600GT, but they are cheap........... I'm thinking of buying one (in AGP form) myself (see my topic!).

  tiaga 18:14 01 Apr 2007

So thats what i need is it? a 7600GT in AGP form? sorry im a complete novice! how much are they roughly and are they easy to fit?

  Armchair 18:27 01 Apr 2007

No! That's what I'm after. You need a PCIe (e for Express) graphics card. Your X300 (are you sure that's what you have?) must be PCIe. What's your budget?

  [email protected] 18:57 01 Apr 2007

my 350 watt psu died trying to run 7600gt, on a compaq presario, you need a good quality 450 watt psu really, very easy to fit this company are great, they do pcie and agp versions
click here

  Armchair 19:02 01 Apr 2007

Hmmm, I've been running a 6800GT, which is more power hungry than any 7600GT, for the last year on a 400w cheapo Jeantech PSU that I bought from PC World for £30. Not a hint of trouble, even when the likes of Quake IV and F.E.A.R. push it's pixel shaders to the limit.

  [email protected] 20:15 01 Apr 2007

mine was the pny card, back of box states min 350 watt, i had a quite a few extras on the pc and my 4 month old 350 watt hyper struggled then died, mine was pci express google 7600gt psu and there's quite a few similar stories

  tiaga 20:25 01 Apr 2007

so i need a 450watt psu..god im more confused than ever...are they all similar or do i have to get a particular type? sorry but i really havent got a clue

  tiaga 20:30 01 Apr 2007

sorry armchair didnt see that post..my budget..about 200 i guess

  tiaga 20:32 01 Apr 2007

yes i think im sure..says radeon x300/x550 series!

  Leapmanster 09:21 03 Apr 2007

I also have a RADEON X300 Series and want to upgrade, i really don't know much about these things but it can't be too expensive and has to be relitively easy to install and set up

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