Which Graphics Card ?

  Furkin 08:36 26 Mar 2007

ACER T120 DeskTop AMD 2400+ 1524 RAM. XP Home.
I have just realiesed that my machine has an empty AGP slot. The graphics seem to be 'on-board',,,,, so i'm after a cheapish AGP card - (anything must better than on-board eh ?)
I'm not a gamer, nor do a lot of photo stuff (few bits in PhotoShop etc).
[I was about to take a Matrox from my old machine,,,, but it has no other connection + is getting on a bit !]
I don't want or need to go mad - so any suggestions please ?

  [email protected] 09:02 26 Mar 2007

Were you happy with it before you noticed the empty slot?

  keef66 11:01 26 Mar 2007

If all you do is 2 dimensional, and you're happy with what you see on the monitor, I'd stick with the onboard graphics. You have loads of ram, so the little bit of memory that the o/b graphics borrows shouldn't trouble you. The only other reason to put a graphics card in would be if you were wanting to run a widescreen tft with a high native resolution not supported by the onboard graphics

  Furkin 11:14 29 Mar 2007

I ended up with a XFX 6200 in the end. Special offer for £15.99. Won't be good enough for everyone,,,, but a start for me.

thanks again for your advice.

  keef66 12:10 29 Mar 2007

That's a good price. Where did you get it? I'm looking for one for somebody who wants to run a 20" widescreen tft at it's native resolution, and the o/b graphics won't do it.

  Furkin 14:06 02 Apr 2007

It was from SCAN 'TODAY ONLY' list.
They do have some bargains now & then,,,, but the list only runs to about 1-00p.m each day,,, so if you see sommat you like, you have to jump in !

I installed a new G.Force 6200 graphics card today,,,, but ran straight into a problem !
I left my monitor connected to it via VGA just to install it.
It seemed to work (after resetting Resolution etc) but then I noticed that most of the icons were all squiggly (technical term).
Then I noticed that all the desktop was squiggly.
I then tried it using DVI,,,, but get the very same problem.
The actual programs seem to be o.k apart from the icons/address bars etc.
If I go back to my ‘on-board’ graphics, all is well.
I have the resolution settings on 1280 x 1024 for the DVI monitor (HANNS-G 19”)
If I change the resolution, it sometimes looks o.k for a while,,,, but soon reverts to the squiggles. (can I attach a screenshot to these pages ?)
Any ideas please ?
(am putting this out as a new posting as well)

  keef66 10:55 03 Apr 2007

Have you installed the drivers for the new card, either from the disc which came with it, or downloaded from click here?

  CodenameCueball 11:13 03 Apr 2007

get a xfx geforce 6200 AGP off play.com for £30 with free postage. works brill and if you choose to get vista, runs aero fine.

  Totally-braindead 11:56 03 Apr 2007

keef66 has it I think. I know what you mean by squiggly. Windows has loaded a default driver and is running with this. If you load the proper Nvidia drivers the problem will resolve itself.

  Furkin 11:57 03 Apr 2007

KEEF: I used the disc that came with it. ((I was supposed to see & click "TV CAPTURE" whilst installing, but it wasn't one of the options))
I looked at your link, & my specific card (6200) isn't on the list.

  Furkin 13:03 03 Apr 2007

T.B.D: It makes sense. The Windows version would have ben used to run the 'on-board' stuff. How do I remove the Windows version ? I don't have the manual for previous graphics. Of course I didn't want to remove anything untill I had the new stuff in,,,, I was scared of losing the monitor for installing the new ?!?!

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