Which Graphics Card

  tooter 20:28 10 Feb 2005

I have purchased a game that my graphic card will not run the program checked my card and informed me that it will run the game. Is it time I upgraded my card? I need advice to future proof my computer as far as possible when I upgrade my graphics card. At this time I have an Nvidia GeForce2 Ultra card. What card do you suggest I upgrade to that my computer will run and will future proof it as far as possible and will run the latest software.
The computer is a Pentium4.1.7GHz/512MB Ram/XP Pro. Thanks for any help

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 20:35 10 Feb 2005

Is there any error message.

Ie.'No 3d device detected'.



click here

  Totally-braindead 20:57 10 Feb 2005

For reviews on graphics cards look here click here

  tooter 21:49 10 Feb 2005

Big Ben
No error message, the programme detected my card and said it wasn’t capable of running the game and gave me a list of about 20 cards from ATI and NVIDIA that would, but I don’t know which one is best for my machine.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 15:17 11 Feb 2005

I have a ATI raedon9200 128mb card

and have found no problems with it

i play games like

Grand theft auto,Driver,MS flight simulor ect.
youcan buy this card for less than £40 from here

click here

otherwise have a look around and what is right for you.im in school at the moment

ill check backlater

  tooter 19:53 11 Feb 2005

After scanning loads of reviews I have decided on a Nvidia GeForce 6600GT 128mb mid price range card, do you think I have made the right choice? Will this card fit easily in place of my GeForce2 2 Ultra card or could there be problems?

  fuzzyone 19:57 11 Feb 2005


this one would be faster than the one you have opted for.
click here

  Bleep 19:59 11 Feb 2005

Great card but I would see your CPU as quite a bit of a bottleneck with such a powerful GPU.

Make sure that you get the AGP version, looking at your specs am I right in saying that your RAM is PC2100?

You will not be getting the most of the 6600GT due to the low specs of the rest of your PC, but it will be a massive performance boost non the less.

  Bleep 20:00 11 Feb 2005

The most incorrect statement I have ever seen in this forum in my life.

A ATI 9800Pro faster than a 6600 GT ? LOL...

  Bleep 20:07 11 Feb 2005
  fuzzyone 20:10 11 Feb 2005


you are totally right of course.

I apologise most profusely.

I thought it was the 5600 card, and now you see why my forum username, is very apt.

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