Which graphics card

  SumKindaMonster 10:12 04 Feb 2004

which graphics card is better? my current "creative blaster ti4200 64mb 4x agp"

or this
click here

im not really up on cards as i havnt played any games for a while.

  SumKindaMonster 10:14 04 Feb 2004

click here

i pasted the wrong card!! lol i cant afford a 9800 the correct link is above

  SumKindaMonster 10:15 04 Feb 2004

also i never stated why i wanted to upgrade.

it is because i want to be able to play games like half life 2.

  skeletal 10:48 04 Feb 2004

I'm currently thinking of a new card myself...what a confusing choice there is!!

Try tomshardware.com at www17.tomshardware.com/graphic/20031229/vga-charts-09.html

Poking around this site gives useful info. I think the big thing with your card is it won't support DX9, whereas the 9600XT does.

I may get this card myself (looking at the ASUS version at the moment). Whatever you do, only have the XT version; "ordinary" 9600 are not too good, apparently.


  skeletal 10:50 04 Feb 2004

I don't always get the "click here" thingy in blue, but if you cut and paste the link, it should work!


  SumKindaMonster 11:02 04 Feb 2004

ok thanks man im taking a look now

  citadel 19:28 04 Feb 2004

I would keep the ti4200 and see how it plays half life2 and the new doom game. It will still work ok except for the dx9 shaders etc. Pci express is coming out this year with a new range of graphics cards. These are faster than agp cards.

  SumKindaMonster 19:32 04 Feb 2004

pci express?

  DieSse 19:47 04 Feb 2004

pci express?

PCI express means a new motherboard and possible new cards to plug into it. So basically we're talking major updates here.

  SumKindaMonster 19:49 04 Feb 2004

aah cool

  skeletal 23:04 04 Feb 2004

Ah well, I did it. I ordered an 9600XT. I hope it works...worry worry. The web is full of stories about people who can't get cards to work with this that and the other MoBos!!

Yes I have heard of the new standards, but it's always the same with 'puters; you just have to accept that the "latest thing" is out next week and what you have is obsolete.

The XT comes with a token for half life as well, so that helps.

I'll be fairly up to date for this weekend at least!


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