which graphics card

  porkpie3663 19:34 30 Oct 2003

just about to buy new computor
it comes with 256mb nvidia geforce fx 5200 ultra gamer in my old system it has creative 3d blaster geforce 3 ti500
i play games and like to do video edit any help welcome

  slimpickins 21:17 30 Oct 2003

I would suggest you get more RAM installed, the manufacturer will probably do this quite cheaply. Get as much as you can if you intend to edit video. The card sounds fine to me.

  citadel 21:33 30 Oct 2003

if you play a lot of games the fx5600ultra version 2 would be much better. The fx5200 is the bottom rung of the games ladder.

  wags 21:41 30 Oct 2003

I agree with both the above. Go for the FX5600 ultra (128mb version would be fine) and 1 gig of DDR Ram> I have this combination in my 3 mth old PC and it makes games look great and I am also into photo editing with fairly large photo files which are memory hungry.

  slimpickins 10:11 31 Oct 2003

Hardly the bottom rung but you are right and it could be improved. I just thought the amount of installed memory was very low and should be looked at first.

  -Beb- 11:53 31 Oct 2003

The 256mb of memory on the 5200 is pointless. The card only has a tiny bandwidth compared to other cards such as the 5600, so in effect, there is practically no difference between the 128mb and 256mb versions of the 5200. The only reason they do this is that people see the 256mb and instantly think that it's going to be really fast - but it's not!

  pookie 12:09 31 Oct 2003

ati? i have a 9700pro which is brilliant. also, i'm no expert, but for gamers some of the big development houses are teaming with ati. half life2 has basically slagged of nvidia and promoted ati. in fact some new ati cards will be shipped with half life 2 when it's released.

just my humble view.


  porkpie3663 16:17 31 Oct 2003

thanks for the advise
i think i take out my 3d blaster
and put it in new computer i think it got to be better than the fx 5200

  slimpickins 18:48 31 Oct 2003

Just realised I completely misread the first post! Sorry :(

  porkpie3663 19:11 31 Oct 2003

no my fault slimpickins the post was not clear
didnt no which was the best graphic card out of the two if anyone knows please post many thanks

  porkpie3663 14:47 05 Nov 2003

thinking of buying
monitor from dabs have anyone delt with them wots there service like thanks for any post

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