Which graphics??

  dekster 19:04 23 Dec 2003

Hi guys

I am buying a new pc for xmas and would like a bit of advice on the graphics, the one i am getting is :Intel Celeron 2.5GHz Processor
128Mb DDR RAM Memory
40Gb Hard drive
CDRW/DVD Combo Drives
64Mb Intel Extreme Graphics 3D
Windows XP Home Edition

I read somewhere that it is better to have a graphics card rather than use onboard graphics as it uses its own memory, so id like your thoughts on wether i should use the onboard graphics or put in an old card which is Nvidia Riva TNT2 64/model 32mb, i know the onboard hes more memory but im just not sure.

  bab5 19:11 23 Dec 2003


Get more memory fitted first before the graphics card, 256 min or better still 512 meg,otherwise if you use the onboard graphics set to the max you will only have 64meg to run XP

You can always get a better graphics card later (hopefully the PC has a AGP slot)


  hugh-265156 19:13 23 Dec 2003

i would stick with in intel extreme untill you can afford half decent buget agp card.

second thoughts...as you only have 128ram then use the riva as the onboard graphics will share the pc memory leaving you with only 64mb.xp likes 256 or more to run well.

  hugh-265156 19:14 23 Dec 2003

am too slow.

  bab5 19:36 23 Dec 2003


Great minds and all that ;-)

Merry Xmas


  dekster 19:39 23 Dec 2003

thanks, i think i may get another pc with sdram coz i have 256 i can add and buy a new graphics card.

ooooo im soooooo confused

happy christmas :)

  hugh-265156 19:48 23 Dec 2003

most new computers use DDR ram nowdays as its a lot faster(double data rate)

price of DDR ram is around the same as SDRAM so you wont be saving much.

  dekster 20:14 23 Dec 2003


  Agent Smith 20:23 23 Dec 2003

Have a look here click here bigpockets.co.uk are having a sale.

  twin 20:44 23 Dec 2003

leadtek winfast AT180T 440 8X AGP 64mb ddr WITH TV OUT
all games no problems.
for the price this is a fantastic board.
got mine from ebuyer

  bab5 22:10 23 Dec 2003


where are you getting the PC from and whats the cost, might be worth looking around and see if you can get a better deal ??


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