which graphic card is better

  habs 18:35 02 Aug 2004

Hi there

Please i need your advise.I want to buy computer from mesh, but i am so confused about the graphic card.They have a lot of graphic card i don't know which one is better.

The pc i want to buy , i want to use it for playing game,internet,some video editing.

The game i have:delta force 1,2,task force dagger,land warrior,command and conquer renegade,unreal tournament 2004.

I like first person shooter game.

can you please give your opinion about which graphic card to choose is good for games but not expensive.

I like 256 nvidia 5950 ultra.

Mesh computers have:
-128 ATI radeon 9800 pro
-128 ATI radeon pro all in wonder.
-FX nvidia 5950 ultra
-256 ATI x 800 pro
-256 ati x800 xt
-nvidia FX6800 ultra : 125 +vat from mesh.

Can you please reply to me thread as soon as you can

thank you for your help

  helmetshine 19:54 02 Aug 2004

The 2 best cards in your list are the ATI X800XT and the Nvidia 6800 Ultra...they are both approx twice as fast as the Radeon 9800 Pro and the Nvidia 5950 Ultra.Reading some reviews the Nvidia seems to just edge ahead of the ATI in speed....they are ,however,both are expensive.A cheaper alternative would be the ATI X800Pro or the Nvidia 6800GT if they offer it...the GT having a definite edge here

  Mister Splendid©® 20:00 02 Aug 2004

Of the "2 best cards" I would go for the ATI because it is much less hungry than the Nvidia and not quite so expensive.

  Mister Splendid©® 20:01 02 Aug 2004

Of the "2 best cards" I would go for the ATI because it is much less power hungry than the Nvidia and not quite so expensive.

  AnthonyB 20:13 02 Aug 2004

I have a Radeon 9800 pro running on a 200 watt PSU (much to the annoyance of those who said it wouldn't work) and is the best value card out there IMO. Games like Doom III will run perfect on this card, which cost me £130 two months ago. Watch out for the "SE" though suffixing a card (9800SE)because these are not as fast as the non SE ones - by about 2000 + marks in 3Dmark 2003.

Also look for the "XT" Suffix too. Faster for the Radeon's (9800XT) but slower for the geforces' (5800XT)


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