Which graphic card?

  Daibus 09:56 11 Jan 2006

Probably a basic question but I'm looking at two laptops in the Packard Bell range - one has the Radeon 9550/9600 graphic card and the other PC has the NVidia GeForce 6200 which is in the more expensive of the two notebooks.

I prefer the design of the cheaper machine with the Radeon and was wondering if there is much of a difference between these two particular graphic cards?

Many thanks.

  Daibus 17:29 11 Jan 2006


  Starfox 17:53 11 Jan 2006

Don't think you will find much difference between the two cards.

Have a look at these for details of the different cards,might help you but as I say I doubt there will be much difference.

Radeon 9550 click here

NVidia GF 6200 click here

  Daibus 18:22 11 Jan 2006

Many thanks.

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