Which GPS system for PDA?

  Rogerfredo 11:38 30 Apr 2005

I am thinking of buying a GPS system for my Ipaq 2210 PDA. Has anyone experience of in-car kits, and is there a difference in performance of the CF card antenna type and the wired type?
(I want to wire connect the PDA to the car to ensure fully charged over a long journey).
Would a CF card type "see" the satellites if the PDA cradle was positioned on the dash?
Any ideas would be appreciated.

  bremner 11:45 30 Apr 2005

Can highly recommend the Tom Tom Navigator 3

Have it on my iPaq and would now not ve without it.

  woodchip 11:56 30 Apr 2005

Just to let you know that Aldi have the Medion Gps PDA at £199 in May

  anchor 12:45 30 Apr 2005

I agree with bremner; the TomTom navigator is the one to go for.

I have version 3 connected by wire to my Ipaq; works fine. Used it extensively last year on a 2500 mile tour of France, (with the map of France loaded on SD card).

Note: TomTom Navigator 5 is due out very soon; probably about the end of May.

click here

  Rogerfredo 09:09 01 May 2005

Thanks for all replies. I was thinking of going for TomTom software.
However, what I really wanted advice on was the relative performance (in car) of the type of antenna fixed to the Ipaq via the CF slot, and the remote type (on a wire).
Anyone use the CF slot type?

  pharte 10:56 01 May 2005

I had the tomotm go which was brilliant but have now swapped it for the combination of an xda phone with the tomtom software.

I firstly had a bluetooth gps reciever which I used (buy the newer types as they have 20 hours battery life and can pick up more satelites than the the tom tom branded ones which have poor battery life)

I ditched the bluetooth gps reciever in favour of an intregated car cradle and reciever by houlex (£80.00 from e-bay)which is infinately more use as it holds the unit, powers both the pda and satelite reciever all in one neat little package.

the maps and the rest are all widely available although you will not get a second hand copy of the software,
I would be very tempted at the standalone medion from aldi as the software alone is around the £100.00 mark plus the gps reciever and unit itself.

  pharte 13:43 01 May 2005

that should read holux not houlex just in case you were searching for it.....£90.00 on e-bay

  Rogerfredo 20:25 01 May 2005

Thanks for the info. By the way, I think the Aldi item (£100) is for a pda and not the combined pda/gps.

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