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Which fuse to use as standard?

  rickf 15:57 27 Sep 2019

Hi Which fuse to use safely in 3 pin pc power cable? They seem to vary from 5a,10a to 13a> Thanks

  john bunyan 17:25 27 Sep 2019

Depends on what it feeds. Eg a table lamp etc - 3amp; TV or similar 5 Amp or irons, vacuum cleaner etc13 amp

  john bunyan 17:26 27 Sep 2019

Look a appliance brochure or instructions

  Brian Hamilton 17:37 27 Sep 2019

I tend to install these:

Anything above you tend to be in HV/LV Switching.

  Secret-Squirrel 18:55 27 Sep 2019

Rick, for your PC (and other appliances rated at up to 700 watts) you should use a 3-amp fuse.

  rickf 20:06 27 Sep 2019

Thanks guys. Might go with 5a as just checked my pc and it's fitted with that. Asking this question for a friend really and I didn't know. Thanks all.

  x13 20:34 27 Sep 2019

Easy calculations if you scroll down a bit here.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:32 28 Sep 2019

........Might go with 5a............

The UK Electrical Safety Council also say you should use a 3-amp fuse for a PC.

  alanrwood 13:14 28 Sep 2019

Remember that the wall plug fuse is there to protect the mains cable not the product. Internal fuses protect the product itself. Also it is a misconception that a 3 Amp fuse will blow if it passes just over 3 Amps. 3 Amps is its safe rated current value and will pass that ad-infinitum until it itself develops a fault.

  Peter~24 13:48 28 Sep 2019

As I understand it a 3 Amp fuse will blow "instantaneously" when 6 Amps flows through it, but will take longer to blow when the current exceeds 3 Amps, blowing quicker and quicker as the current rises to 6 Amps.


  alanrwood 10:31 29 Sep 2019

Thanks to Wikipedia

The speed at which a fuse blows depends on how much current flows through it and the material of which the fuse is made. The operating time is not a fixed interval, but decreases as the current increases. Fuses have different characteristics of operating time compared to current. A standard fuse may require twice its rated current to open in one second, a fast-blow fuse may require twice its rated current to blow in 0.1 seconds, and a slow-blow fuse may require twice its rated current for tens of seconds to blow.

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