Which free Antivirus?

  Flak999 23:34 22 Nov 2010

I know this has been done many times and I have already looked through some of the numerous postings on this subject.

What is the current up to date opinion of those who use free anti-virus about which utility is best? I am currently using AVG free 8.5, and have had a message today saying virus updates will finish in December.

I have stayed away from the new versions of AVG as there has been much bad press about them, so I am looking for something new which has a light footprint and is not a resource hog. I have been thinking along the lines of MSE, but some seem to think this is not adequate.

Currently in addition to AVG I also use the free editions of Malwarebytes, Superantispyware, Spybot search and destroy and Spywareblaster all running on Win XP 32 bit.

What say the rest of you?

  RobCharles1981 23:42 22 Nov 2010

Why don't you stick to search postings what you found its not that difficult?

  Belatucadrus 23:46 22 Nov 2010

Well the PCA survey says click here
1) AVG Free
2) Avast Free Antivirus
3) Avira Antivir
4) ClamWin Free Antivirus
5) Comodo Antivirus
6) Microsoft Security Essentials
7) Panda Antivirus Free
8) PC Tools Antivirus Free
So there's a pretty good breakdown of what forum members think. Perhaps you care to try the newest offering click here The free version has only been available for a day so nobody here has an opinion on it yet.

  ashdav 23:50 22 Nov 2010

Personally use AVG 10 click here for download and Windows firewall on Win7 Ultimate and never had a problem.
I stopped using the spyware programs (Spybot,Adaware.Spyware Blaster etc) a couple of years ago as they never achieved anything and just add to the load on the computer.

  birdface 00:00 23 Nov 2010

With all the rest of the security programs that you have MSE should be ok.
Although I am not that keen on MSE I think it should work well with the rest of your security programs.
Then again you could update AVG just to see if it works ok or not.

  Flak999 14:08 23 Nov 2010

Thanks for the info, I had not seen the survey results before. I think I will give MSE a whirl and see how it performs, I will tick this as resolved.

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