Which Free anti virus

  Bike-it 19:40 08 Feb 2010

I am thinking about downloading one of the free anti virus programmes from the list below what are your views of them,

Microsoft Security Essential

  Woolwell 19:45 08 Feb 2010

There have been many, many threads on this and a search of the forum will turn them up. Some will say Avira, others Avast and others MSE. See this click here

Did you sort out the infection?

  MAT ALAN 19:45 08 Feb 2010

try them all (not at same time of course) see which one suits you best.
someone might recommend avira, you might think its pap...

for the record i have just switched to Avast after having AVG for some time...

  Bike-it 19:50 08 Feb 2010

No, the laptop is still infected, but i am using my son's at the moment.
I am trying to run all the scans in safe mode to see what turns up,

  MAT ALAN 19:52 08 Feb 2010

infected with what?

  Bike-it 19:57 08 Feb 2010

I keep getting a pop up from my anti virus programme Avair

  thumbscrew 20:07 08 Feb 2010

Avast is highly rated. I had a paid for Bullguard for three years, switched to Avast and found it equally good, if not better. However, their recent upgrade caused me and countless others major problems...see other posts. Thus I switched to Avira and so far so good. Avira was recommended to me by my computer repair man and he knows his stuff.

  MAT ALAN 20:11 08 Feb 2010

click here

the thread offers a fix for this trojan, HOWEVER, i would not like to put myself through all that when a format and clean reinstall would be far easier and a sure way of being rid of this isuue...

  Sea Urchin 23:30 08 Feb 2010

You say you are considering downloading Avira - and say you are currently running Avair? Is that supposed to be Avira? Avair is an old Irish airline.

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