Which Firewalls/AV are still free....And which is

  malwarehater 17:24 30 Dec 2005

Hi guys.

Anyone know which of the free firewalls and AV progs around are the best??....And which are still free? because i've noticed some of them are now Payware so to speak.

By "best" i mean...best at stopping/removing/detecting viruses, and "best" performance wise- as in good performance but still processer friendly?

Thanks in advance guys.

  Gongoozler 17:47 30 Dec 2005

ZoneAlarm and Avast for me.

  Stuartli 17:50 30 Dec 2005

Fully support Gongoozler's suggestion.

Plus Microsoft AntiSpyware, SpywareBlaster, Ad-Aware SE 1.6 and Search and Destroy (compatible with Ad-Aware) for other nasties.

  interzone55 17:50 30 Dec 2005


Both are still free in their basic versions, but these are more than adequate for home use.

Many people swear by AVG for AV, so perhaps you could look at this as well.

AVG auto updates once a day though, but so far today Avast has installed 3 updates on my system, that's pretty rapid updating for free software.

  cylon 18:08 30 Dec 2005

I am currently renovating a MAC. What free firewalls and AV programs are out there for the MAC

  kdt 20:20 30 Dec 2005


  rdave13 20:32 30 Dec 2005

Heard that loud and clear! :)

Sygate is another good firewall.Unfortunately AOL broadband doesn't like it but provides Mcafee firewall free to AOL users.Runs quietly as a mouse in the background.

  namtaf 23:23 30 Dec 2005

Avast! and avg for me (both do a very good job although Avast! looks nicer)

Adaware for the spyware/adware (sorry, hate spybot and webroot)

Regcleaner for a tidyup

don't know about current firewalls because I'm behind a router with built in firewall

  Stuartli 23:28 30 Dec 2005

The difference between Avast! and AVG is that Avast! updates itself when you go online if any updates are available.

One less thing to worry about...:-)

  palinka 14:56 31 Dec 2005

I used AVG, switched to Avast for a while because of a conflict with ZA, but couldn't stand the look of Avast(sorry namtaf!)so returned to AVG. Yes, you can only set it to AUTO-update once a day, but you can often get extra manual updates the same day, and if you're on line a lot it's only 2 clicks away. I now use Sygate (still free)which I prefer to ZA; and from time to time I run A-squared, adaware, spybot and stinger. All of these are free.

  Belatucadrus 15:37 31 Dec 2005

I've never seen the appearance of the user interface as a significant factor in choosing anti virus, but when you consider the range of options available click here disliking the aesthetics seems an odd reason to return to something that's giving conflict problems.

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