which file types to select to check in SFC?

  p;3 13:20 10 May 2005

in win 98se; which file tyes should be listed in the basic check?

I"ve just benn running mine and and previously added to the selection, but think I have overdone it;need to know which are the ones that ought to be checked as "essential basic", so I can adjust the program to be a bit more realistic:)

  woodchip 13:49 10 May 2005

you should replace any found to be corrupt. then retry windows to see how it goes

  Wak 13:58 10 May 2005

Hi, I've never altered my basic selection so I think the standard group should be:-
*.386, *.com, *.dll, *.drv, *.exe, *.mpd, *.ocx, *.scr, *.sys, *.vxd.
Hope this helps.

  p;3 14:17 10 May 2005

I"ve added .acm,.cfg,.drv,.dx,.hlp,.hpi,.htm,.kbd,.mod,.msc,.nls,.swp,.vbx,.vwp

lord knows why and makes for a very long search:(((

I"ll try and chop the extra lot and see the improvements I hope:) unless some of the above are a good idea to scan?

  woodchip 14:25 10 May 2005

As I said just the Corrupt files, other files will have been changed by adding programs. So they may not work if you start putting them all back

  woodchip 14:26 10 May 2005

PS then check for deleted files if you still have a problem

  p;3 14:33 10 May 2005

I think SFC is being asked to check far too much and unnecessary stuff; so i need to prune the request list and see what happens then:)

  p;3 20:26 11 May 2005

will dock my list and repost if I have problems ; the list above looks favourable to me; thanks:)

my SFC has taken forever with all that I have asked it to go through:(

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