Which is faster?

  Virtuosity 09:53 04 Jul 2003

According to PC Advisor Power PC speed tests AMD based PCs are faster then Pentium. But tests on click here , Tom's Hardware site shows otherwise!

What are your thoughts about it?

  A Cat Called George 10:02 04 Jul 2003

The latest thinking seems to be that the fastest P4's are quicker than the Athlons. But, if you don't have a huge budget AMD give you more speed for your money.

  xxxx1968 15:33 04 Jul 2003

i had both and now use pent but only cos it came with new comp.the speed they both provide is like the m1 it only matters if ur in a massive hurry.and prepaird to pay the price...

  BillEmm 16:06 04 Jul 2003

If the question is addressed at the latest uptodate processors, the general consensus is that the top end AMD Barton is faster at running general applications while the top end Intel can lick the pants off AMD when it comes to CPU bound programs. So if all you do is play games or design aircraft then the Intel is for you, but for those of us who are a bit more staid in our computer ways, we will get there quicker with our AMDs.

  professor 16:58 04 Jul 2003

AthlonXP are faster overall over the P4 the only time P4 beats an AthlonXP is if you happen to have a P4 3.06Ghz and even then the performance difference is VERY marginal.


  Virtuosity 17:05 04 Jul 2003

I do a lot of video and photo editing. So is it safe to assume that P4 2.8 800FBS is a better choice for me then Athlon XP 3000+?

  DieSse 18:11 04 Jul 2003

You've looked at the link that does the tests - so what's the problem. It's clear that all other things being equal, the P4 2.8C, with the 800FSB, and hyperthreading, is substantially faster that an Athlon XP3000.

You must also remember that "speed of a PC" depends on more than just the processor - that's why Toms test are valuable, in that they keep the other components the same, so they show up the differences in processor speeds. But you buy an overall package, so you need to take everything into account.

To those that haven't looked at Toms results, I suggest you do.

  -pops- 18:32 04 Jul 2003

As things computer are now so fast, choosing one speed CPU against another is a bit academic.

I would hesitate paying through the nose for a top speed processor when next week it is likely to be bargain basement price having been superseded by something a bit faster. With the money I had saved, I would buy something more useful.

  DieSse 18:34 04 Jul 2003

I agree with -pops- too.

  Virtuosity 19:52 04 Jul 2003

I am using an AMD based PC (like all my past PCs, other then the very early Sinclear and Pentium 486!) with an Athlon XP 2100+ processor and I am giving an opportunity to upgrade my motherboard, processor and memory.
Thank you all for responding, I agree with your comments and I decide to go for a Pentium P4 2.8 CPU and a Gigabyte GA-8KNXP motherboard combination.
I hope I won?t regret it!


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