Which is faster

  karmgord 21:54 13 Nov 2011

Which processor is faster Pentium M: 1.4ghz 2mb cache or Mobile Pentium4: 2.4ghz 512kb cache

  gengiscant 02:01 14 Nov 2011

Pentium 4 is just like your Pentium 4 you would find in a desktop system. The advantage is that you get higher speeds and they are a little cheaper (£/Ghz). The disadvantage is that they generate a lot of heat, and suck your battery dry. Laptops with this processor are generally larger and are frequently in "desktop replacement" laptops.

Pentium M is a Pentium that has been optimized for laptops (it is still technically a Pentium4). The advantage is that they use less battery, generate less heat. The disadvantage is that they are a little slower and are a little pricier (£/Ghz). You usually find them in smaller laptops like "thin & light" or "ultraportables"

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