Which Fan for my Power Supply

  Gypsyjoss 20:18 26 Nov 2014

The fan in my power supply is on it's last legs. I'd like to order a new one before stripping down the PC and PSU.

It's a Casecom ATX300W. Anyone know what I should order and from whom, please?


  alanrwood 21:19 26 Nov 2014

Buy a new Power Supply. A fan will cost nearly as much and no guarantee it will be the correct one. Also dangerous to open up power supplies as high voltages remain even if it is switched off and disconnected from the maims. You should be able to pick up a 500W supply for around £20-25 and if your original is only 300W then it should be suitable to supply the required current

  spuds 01:05 27 Nov 2014

Don't even think about dismantling a psu or trying to replace the fan, because you will find a new replacement on somewhere like eBay. These are the sort of psu's I use with very good success rates click here

  alanrwood 10:17 27 Nov 2014

Hi Spuds

That is really cheap for a 500 Watt PSU especially as you have used them with success.

  spuds 10:48 27 Nov 2014

Good morning alanrwood

That particular model also sells as black, red or blue, but they are all the same, roughly being sold at that price or slightly dearer, depending on seller and postage. For general use, I have had no problems with the purchases I have made over time. Admitted they are not as heavy as the more expensive well branded psu's, but if they do the job!.

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