Which External HDD ?

  Furkin 12:34 15 Aug 2008

I'm after a USB HDD.
Preferably one where I can bolt the case to the side of my desk (filing cabinet type).

1/ My existing drives are ATA,,,, does that mean I HAVE to use ATA for external as well ?

2/ Any recommendations please ?
Size ? I suppose the biggest that I can afford. I think I should be able to get something around 400gb for about £50

cheers folks

  dogbreath1 13:40 15 Aug 2008

I've got two Buffalo ext. HDD's (500GB each) and they work just fine. Well priced too.

  recap 14:02 15 Aug 2008

I second dogbreath1 recommendation as do other members including the FE click here

  Furkin 14:26 15 Aug 2008

they do look the dogs dangly bits (pun intended).

As you use them, can you tell me if they would bolt on to the side of my desk ?


  Furkin 14:30 15 Aug 2008

followed the link ta - and am impressed.
If I can get one to bolt the case (as above) I'll go for one.
I don't understand the 'Network' / FAT 32 reference - mine is a single home PC etc.

  Furkin 14:20 16 Aug 2008

Just to up-date.
It seems that my existing drives are PATA - in that they have a 40pin connector.

Can I use/adapt/add an eSATA connection ?

Acer Aspire T120 (KT400 m/b) - XP Pro - SP3 - 2gb ram.


  dogbreath1 21:30 16 Aug 2008

I wouldn't try to bolt them directly to your desk, but perhaps sit them on a narrow shelf fixed to your desk.

My PC uses a NTFS file system whereas the Buffalos are FAT32 (and cannot be converted). Similarly, I don't think it matters a jot which interface your on board HDD uses.

A Buffalo with USB connection will be fine. Had mine for a year or so without any problem. You can even get 1TB Buffalos at a very reasonable price.

  Daiol 22:16 16 Aug 2008

Hi Have a look here ::click here

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