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  Ironman556 00:18 19 Apr 2004

Hi, a friend of mine had an Advent Laptop with a 40GB hard drive which he has almost filled. He's looking to buy an external drive around 120 - 160GB. He has both USB 2 and Firewire.

The drive will mainly be used as extra storage, but he does a lot of travelling and often wants to put his music & video on there so need somthing that will stream data nicely. At the moment from reading reviews and because it has the higher transfer rate Firewire is favorite. Quieter is also better.

The two drive's he's considering are the Maxtor click here and the Western Digital click here

Any feedback on either or similar drives would be much appriciated.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:50 19 Apr 2004

I use a Maxtor ext HDD but Westerns have a just as good reputation. I think you will find little or no difference in reliabiltiy or spec...choose what your pocket allows you.


  Ironman556 01:30 19 Apr 2004

Always quick to respond, even at 1:00 AM!

  byfordr 07:38 19 Apr 2004

Maxtor are absolutely superb, a little bit cheaper too. I don't think you can go far wrong with either.

On the maxtor I found usb2 and firewire to be about the same. USB2 slightly faster, bit more of a resource hogger. With the maxtor you get everything you need in the box. Cables (USB2 and firewire), backup software etc.

  Cesar 09:01 19 Apr 2004

I have been using the Maxtor One Touch External for two years now, never had any problems very fast back up.

  Ironman556 11:11 19 Apr 2004

Maxtors looking good

I am right in thinking that it can be used as a standard HDD too? not just for backup?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:54 19 Apr 2004

Yes but you may need to format it. The maxtor that I use is just used as storage so all that was needed was to plug it in and transfer files.


  Ironman556 13:17 19 Apr 2004

He's decided to go with the maxtor. Both USB and Firewire, slightly cheaper, and three happy users on PCA!

  TomJerry 13:33 19 Apr 2004

Both models need external power to operate. So they are not suitable for your friends. What your friends need is external HDD (2.5" version) which can be powered by usb port of laptop. Here are a few examples: click here click here click here. They are expensive than 3.5" version, but they are truely portable, just plug into usb port of laptop no need for extra power unit. They are firewire version as well.

An cheaper is to get a 2.5" laptop HDD (e.g. 80GB for £150 click here) and then get an external enclosure for it:£16.99 click here).

  Ironman556 13:56 19 Apr 2004

I'll check the links

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