Which external hard drive?

  Georgie68 11:26 09 Jan 2008

I want to buy an external hard drive to store my photos and my wife's Sims game and downloads on but i'm unsure as to what i'm looking for and how much I should be expecting to pay.
I'd like as much storage space as possible for my money. Are certain ones only compatible with certain machines? I don't really know how it works to be honest.

XP Home
AMD Athlon 64 proc
448MB ram

  [email protected] 11:30 09 Jan 2008

ive one of these,
click here
You can also download the seagate disc wizard(powered by acronis)for back up images free of charge.
click here
same with this one.
click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:43 09 Jan 2008

Any one will do but for a 500Gb drive and less than £64, this is the one I would get (I have just had one delivered for a friend). click here

  Jim_F 12:05 09 Jan 2008

Hi - I have a smaller version of the Freeagent which I use as a backup and its done good service so far - being USB it will work on almost any machine. I'd always advise you keep a second copy of your data somewhere (eg CDs or your main machine).

  Georgie68 12:08 09 Jan 2008

Thanks for all your replies so far.
So basically, I should be able to just 'plug in and go', but what is the USB1/USB2 thing?
Thanks again.

  [email protected] 12:13 09 Jan 2008

have a look in device manager under usb headings and look for an entry, enhanced controller or similar,if there you have usb 2.

  martjc 12:58 09 Jan 2008

...the drive you buy will probably [almost certainly] work with it. The difference being data flow speed.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:22 09 Jan 2008

In the real world the difference between USB1 and 2 will hardly be noticed by you unless you are copying terrabytes of info. Don't worry about the USB just get the backup done and if you have to make a coffe whilst backing up there will be no comparison to the hassle it will save you when you need it.


  Stuartli 13:25 09 Jan 2008

I have the Seagate One Touch (400GB) mentioned by *Raven* in his first link; I paid £53 for it on a Scan TodayOnly offer (click here)

However, mine is a USB model and the link above is for a SATA version; seem to be no 500GB USB versions around at present.

Mine is simple to install, format (I reformatted and partioned it from FAT32 to NTFS using Seagate's Disk Wizard) and, once the first backup has been created, incremental backups involve just a touch of the button.

You have to make sure to use the Safely Remove Hardware feature before switching the Seagate off.

  Georgie68 18:39 09 Jan 2008

Thanks all!

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