Which e mail programme do you recommend?

  Iluaf 19:29 18 May 2007

Hi :)

I have used Incredimail for years. The only reason I have kept it, is because I 'know' it inside out & backwards.

I never use the emoticons or other bells n whistles but because of the default emoticons you get at the bottom of every e mail, I have started getting mail rejected.

I am seriously considering changing my programme. I use it for light business use. I have done a little research & there are many more programmes than I realised.

What do you all use & can you recommend anything?

Thank you,


  setecio 19:31 18 May 2007

Thunderbird is highly recommended although I use Outlook and Windows mail

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:35 18 May 2007

Outlook..does all you need + calendar, without the ghastly emoticons or outlook express..simple and effective.


  [email protected] 19:36 18 May 2007

I use thunderbird and googlemail

  Iluaf 19:39 18 May 2007

I've heard a lot about Thunderbird. Can I ask you - I have several e mail addresses & I like to randomly choose who I send each mail from....Can I do this in outlook and Thunderbird?

Thanks for your replies!

  MAJ 19:40 18 May 2007

Outlook Express does what it says on the tin. Windows Address Book is also amazing, try filling that up. Though as GANDALF <|:-)> says, for businesses, Outlook's calendar is the doggy's.

  MAJ 19:43 18 May 2007

If the email addresses are from the same ISP, then there shouldn't be a problem. If they're from different providers, then changing the SMTP server to the same as your main account usually allows you to do that.

  Belatucadrus 20:17 18 May 2007

click here Pegasus mail
click here Mulberry
click here Thunderbird 2 also try the Lightning calendar plugin click here

  Kate B 20:21 18 May 2007

I like Thunderbird, though I use and love Outlook.

  birdface 23:46 18 May 2007

My Reccomendation,Is Incredimail,All the rest are so boring.But if I had to pick another,I would probably go with Thunderbird.Never tried it ,Never will. But so many folk Reccomend it.It looks like the obvious choice.

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