Which DVD writer format?

  sihalls 18:42 31 Jul 2003

Just bought a Sony DVD writer which can do pretty much all formats but which do I use? The two main reasons are a) hard drive backup b) putting edited video onto DVD that can be played in the bulk standard household DVD player.

Any suggestions?.......

  sjr1 19:10 31 Jul 2003

Do you mean which disc's to use as in + or - ???

i n most forums you will find that - is more compatible with dvd players...but + is catching up.....dont believe the hype about + that plays on all dvd players i tried a + and a - on 14 dvd players - played on 14...+ on 10...same but i do like +rw's better than -rw

  sjr1 19:16 31 Jul 2003

I have burnt over 200 dvd-r's about 30 dvd+r's....

Best is to just test your players.....have fun

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