which DVD-R media?

  Mysticnas 21:16 05 Nov 2003

Hiya, just got my DVD-RW drive...

I need to back up my hard drive and stuff. There is a lot of stuff there, about 80Gb's worth of my course work and projects, this includes 3d animation, film shorts, programs etc...
Basically it's all really important to me so i need some very reliable media. Is unbranded really not as good as branded?

I've heard that most unbranded media is mostlikely made by branded firms and sold off etc...

Does anyone know any good websites? good deals or anything?


  critic-al 21:31 05 Nov 2003

A safe bet is to use the same media type as the one that came with your dvd writer,if you did?
that is,some models are more fussy than others,maybe if you go to the dvd writers web site and look for recomended media,you may get the info you require.

  JFT 00:04 06 Nov 2003
  woody 01:16 06 Nov 2003

If you do realy need to back up 80gb - why not another hard drive?

  Mysticnas 07:58 06 Nov 2003

get yet another hdd for my data but i've got loads anyway over 200gb of drive space all together. I i just wanted to bung it all somewhere safe. Ok if i get a hdd something can always happen to it, get knocked around etc....

with DVD's you can just burn them and leave them in the cupboard, more durable than a hdd. As yet a;l my big animation and films i've had to split up into several cd's when i send them out etc... this way i can just one whole animation/film on one dvd.

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