Which DVD To Buy?

  [DELETED] 21:38 09 Nov 2003


Can anybody give me some help with buying a dvd copier, idealy it should be able to copy original dvd's )oops did i really say that).

Ideally i dont want to spend no more then 150 quid better still 100 quid would be great im after a sechond hand writer, probably off e-bay.

Which format would be best + or -.

Thanks i'm clueless about dvd writers so please help!


  [DELETED] 21:45 09 Nov 2003

you can get the new liteon dual format 4 speed dvd writer from ebay for about 99 quid

  [DELETED] 21:50 09 Nov 2003

unfortunately every DVD I've come across has copy protection on it. If you were to want to copy a DVD I stress purely for your own personal use as discs are vunerable to scratching etc, the only way I know around it would be to purchase a divx encoder. the quality of the film would suffer a bit but provided the DIVX copies are being played on a reasonably specified machine the difference would be neglegable. I hasten to add though just so this thread doesnt get deleted... any copying of media without the concent of the owner is a breach of copywright and thus subject to legal proceadings. but once in DIVX format you can write it usually onto a standard CD. there may be other ways round your question but this is the only one I know that doesnt envolve telling people how to circumvent write protected media. hope this helps

  alan 2273 23:21 09 Nov 2003

Take a look at this and under £ 100 click here

  [DELETED] 23:31 09 Nov 2003

i'm going to get a dvd writer for the purposes of burning home movies from a digital video camera , cant see the point in copying original dvd's unless for back up purposes , but then why dont you keep your originals in a safe place.

i'm not exactly whiter than white when it comes to the odd dodgy cd or 2 but when it comes to dvd's i like to own the original.

i own over 200 of em , all kept in a locked cupboard away from little fingers.

the only other reason to copy an original dvd is so that you can pass it round , sell it or whatever.

i've bought a few copied dvd's in my time but i've come to the conclusion that they are just not worth it , the sound is usually bad and the picture quality is at best watchable.

dont shoot me down for being resonably honest , but YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR

  [DELETED] 08:20 10 Nov 2003

try the pioneer 106 dual format but works with the cheap dvd's so running costs less.darren

  Stuartli 08:48 10 Nov 2003

My son has a Pioneer 106 which has proved excellent - it cost ?128.

But it's on the overclockers website at ?79.99 plus VAT now...:-)

  Stuartli 08:49 10 Nov 2003

Best source for good, low cost DVD media is click here

  [DELETED] 10:21 10 Nov 2003

is it cheaper than blankdiskshop?ill have a look have a sony burner and its picky about disks.darren

  [DELETED] 11:11 10 Nov 2003

My wife bought me the above DVD Writer for my Christmas,(she had to give me it now to ensure it was working etc). I have not done much with it yet, but all the reviews I have read about it appear to be favourable, although I am told the Pioneer 106 is probaly one the best DVD writers around.



  PA28 14:24 10 Nov 2003

I have the Pioneer 106 which is a cracking multistandard DVD writer. But it was fussy about my setup under Win98 and never worked properly until I upgraded my system to XP with Nero 6 on board. It now works fine and takes every type of disk I feed it - even non-branded cheapies.

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