Which drive options should I choose when installing 7 to keep the data on the 2nd partition?

  Takeshi-Fujimoto 22:24 18 Nov 2013

Hi, I run into a pain-in-the-neck of a problem, I'm installing W7 x64 on a partitioned drive and want to keep all my precious data on the 200Gb part. And...here's what I see, the first says Disk 0: Partition 1 100Gb Type: System (which I believe is the C:),the second reads

Disk 0: Partition 2 200Gb Type: Primary and that's where all my stuff is.

I tried formatting Partition 1 and installing onto there but it the process would hang (it could be a graphic card driver conflict but I can't access the device manager since my C:\ drive is a bottomless chasm of nothingness). I'm being told that it's the partitions that I'm getting wrong so I'm guessing that I'm not picking something right... I'm not an expert but is it practically possible and safe to...delete the P1, create a new one and proceed with the new P2? I don't get it, how can it be that complicated...Please help, guys - I appreciate your kindness in advance...

  Jollyjohn 11:32 19 Nov 2013

What did you format the partition as? Should be NTFS.

At what point does the process hang and what error message, if any, do you get?

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