Which download to listen to radio on the web

  Vincent 17:28 31 Aug 2004

Do I have to have Realplayer to listen to radio on the web or watch video clips, or are there other programs that help to do this? Realplayer offers a 10 day trial, but it's price seems to be in dollars, and I don't want to land up importing it from the US. Any suggestions welcome.

  Simon_P 17:49 31 Aug 2004

and maybe still is a free basic version
click here

I think you may be asked to upgrade to the full version but it in not obligatory

Some online media will only work with real player

  cga 17:53 31 Aug 2004

Being an old foegy (is that how you spell it?) I listen mainly to the BBC. Their online service only works with realplayer which really annoys me because it does seem to cause some conflicts at times. Overall not too bad though.

There is a free version of RealPlayer that you can download that works for me.

  Stuartli 18:01 31 Aug 2004

The BBC also has its own player - if you have problems with it it advises to switch to the Real player.

Windows Media Player can also be used, but I've found that despite the problems of RealOne configuration (you have to make sure that it does what YOU want it to do), it brings in a very steady stream even with several browser windows open. That's on dialup...:-)

The latest version of Real, 10, requires you to basically agree to pay for it and to cancel within 14 days if you don't want the Gold version, keeping the basic free option instead.

Too many opportunities for unwanted payments I felt, so I've stuck with RealOne.

  rawprawn 18:04 31 Aug 2004

click here for Real Player 10, it is good, but make sure you configure it to do what you want or it will take over. It is the only one you can use to listen to BBC as cga says.

  pj123 18:07 31 Aug 2004

JetAudio is free from click here and will play almost anything. I use it exclusively. It needs to be set up after downloading. Open it and go to Preferences, File Type Association, in the right hand window select Check All, Update, and OK. It should now play or show anything.

  JYPX 18:19 31 Aug 2004

Vincent - If you want Real Player I strongly suggest that you download the BBC version from
click here. Be sure to use this link - if you search on the BBC site you will find all sorts of links to older versions. It's free. I think the reasons why the BBC would insist on offering it's own individual version of Real Player 10 are probably too lengthy to go into here, but if you tend to "trust" the BBC on these matters this is a pretty good option. A good allternative to Real Player would be jetAudio 6 click here ,also free.

  cga 18:20 31 Aug 2004

I bow to your knowledge on players that can be used with BBC. An informed 'can do' always takes precedence over a 'I did not know that was possible'.

Could you point me to the BBC's own player because I have not found this - only comments that suggest real player is necessary.

In terms of problems with real player - yes there is configuration to stop it taking over, which can be dealt with - but there are other conflicts. I had problems with loosing autorun on my memory sticks. After a long investigation this was tracked down to a real player conflict.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:25 31 Aug 2004

If you download RealPlayer from the BBC website there will be no advertising on it ;-))))....they have an 'agreement' with Real.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:28 31 Aug 2004

click here is the one that I use when not listening to the BBC...it is brillaint with genres of music and talk for every taste.


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