Which disc to use as a hard drive alternative?

  andrewyu 03:26 11 Apr 2017

My 1TB hard drive is reaching its maximum capacity and contains lots of movies and TV series. So I was thinking of moving those movies and TV series into several discs (as little as possible, but provided it's economical). So what kind of disc can I use as an alternative of my hard drive?

Disc requirement:

  1. Data to be transferred must be exchangeable between the hard drive and the disc multiple times

  2. Storage: the larger the better (because I want to keep the whole season in a disc, folder size might be as big as 20GB approximately)

Thanks in advance!!

  andrewyu 14:28 11 Apr 2017

Archonar, I understand the disadvantages of using a disc but I want to try using it as I haven't done it before. Any type of suitable disc is okay, CD if it's suitable but I think DVD will be better?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:42 11 Apr 2017

You're gonna need burning software to write to DVds on windows 10 as its not included.

Also the file size is limited to 4.7GB (some films are bigger so you may have to convert to a smaller less quality format or split across discs In time and money a USb3 HDD is going to be better.

  Burn-it 15:51 11 Apr 2017

Use an external USB3 connected HARD disk. I have an external disk caddy that has large hard drive in it. It is a clever caddy that has a USB3 connection at one end and a ExSATA connection at the other.

  wee eddie 16:05 11 Apr 2017

Andrew, a 2TB USB3 External Hard Drive costs about £60 and, so long as you disconnect it in the proper way, is as or more reliable than a CD/DVD.

Also, copying between drives takes a matter of seconds, just plug it in. Whereas, writing a DVD can take quite a considerable amount of time and can sometimes requires more than one attempt.

  alanrwood 19:23 11 Apr 2017

An external hard drive IS a disk and far more reliable than a burned CD or DVD which will develop errors over a long period of time.

  alanrwood 10:18 12 Apr 2017

I have exactly what rdave is recommending and it works far better than a NAS box which requires a network connection. (Not sure if you have one or not).

I wonder why you are so insistent on using CDs or DVDs. This is now old technology and as such the disks have a limited life span soyou risk losing the data though a natural degradation of the data layer of the disk. Also there is a small risk that the disks will not play on any other computer, small but just possible. I really can't see why you want to take up a more expensive solution which is inherently less reliable. It is up to you though.

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