Which disc to use as a hard drive alternative?

  andrewyu 03:26 11 Apr 2017

My 1TB hard drive is reaching its maximum capacity and contains lots of movies and TV series. So I was thinking of moving those movies and TV series into several discs (as little as possible, but provided it's economical). So what kind of disc can I use as an alternative of my hard drive?

Disc requirement:

  1. Data to be transferred must be exchangeable between the hard drive and the disc multiple times

  2. Storage: the larger the better (because I want to keep the whole season in a disc, folder size might be as big as 20GB approximately)

Thanks in advance!!

  mole44 06:53 11 Apr 2017

If your using a desktop put in a second drive,if not i use a Western Digital Nas (Network attached storage) drive.

  andrewyu 07:12 11 Apr 2017

mole44, I'm using a laptop. I've heard of the NAS but I'm not very familiar with it. I have a quite slow connection here(around 350 KBps) so will it be convenient??

  alanrwood 09:56 11 Apr 2017

Probably an easier and cheaper solution is to buy an USB external drive caddy (Around £15 for a USB3 one) and fit it with a hard drive (cost depends on capacity. Maybe £60 in all. Much cheaper than a NAS and much easier to set up.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:17 11 Apr 2017

Get your self a USB 3 portable hard drive 2TB such as click here have a couple of these fast to transfer files and backward compatible with USB2 if you do not have USB3 ports on your machine.

Much cheaper than a NAS.


  andrewyu 13:13 11 Apr 2017

I want to use discs as storage since I'll be storing mostly movies and series. So can you guys tell me which type of disc would match the above requirements? Thanks!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:26 11 Apr 2017

Do you want to burn to DVDs?

  andrewyu 13:34 11 Apr 2017

Fruit Bat/\0/\, Something like that. But better if it doesn't require any burning software and can be used like a HDD, where we can move files here and there easily.

  wee eddie 13:53 11 Apr 2017

If you get an External USB3 Hard Drive, you should be able to run your Movies directly from the Drive. Just plug it in to your Lappy.

When you are transferring them, use the Right Click > Send to Function. Do not delete the movie from your Lappy's hard Drive until you are certain that the transfer is successful.

Once you have transferred your movies. Defrag the Lappy's Hard Drive

  andrewyu 13:57 11 Apr 2017

wee eddie, but I prefer backing up my Lappy into discs, rather than other form of storage media

  Archonar 14:23 11 Apr 2017

By discs do you mean cd's? As far as I can tell that is what you are implying. I'm confused as to how moving it to a 'disc' is any different to having it on a usb drive. A usb drive requires far less effort and with a 2tb usb drive you can have it all in one place, also you can't scratch a usb drive and corrupt the media.

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