Which disc to store photographs?

  renard 23:18 27 Dec 2007

I have downloaded photographs from my digital camera into My Pictures on my PC. I now want to copy them onto CD for safe keeping and also for viewing on TV through my DVD player, but I am confused by the various kinds of discs (-R, +RW etc etc, it's all Greek to me!!).

I would be grateful for advice on which discs to use, please.

Many thanks.

  brundle 23:57 27 Dec 2007

Good quality CDR (Write-Once) as opposed to CDRW (Read/Write). Little difference between - and + types, just try to make sure the differing devices you wish to use the discs in support the appropriate format. To check which formats your optical drive supports use this; click here

  renard 00:07 28 Dec 2007

Thanks, brundle. That is very useful information.

If at first I put just a few pictures onto one of these CDR discs, can I come back at future dates and add more and more pictures, until it is full?

  brundle 00:20 28 Dec 2007

Yes - this is a useful read, specifically the `Multisession or Finalize?` part click here

  Totally-braindead 00:28 28 Dec 2007

I would also recommend making 2 copies and checking them every couple of months.
Disks can get damaged or become unreadable, if you have 2 copies and regularly check they are ok then the chances of losing them all is lessened.

I have my photos on an external hard drive and 2 CDs, it might be a bit extreme but they are irreplaceable.

As brundle says as long as you create a multisession disk you can keep adding till full.

  mole44 09:27 28 Dec 2007

Snap Totally-braindead,better safe than sorry.

  Totally-braindead 11:46 28 Dec 2007

Would also thinking about it strongly agree with brundles point about RW disks. They are not stable enough for long term storage. Use good quality R disks (write once) lets face it they are cheap enough.
I no longer use RW disks at all as I found after just a few months some of them were unreadable and the info on them was irretrievable.

  pj123 13:45 28 Dec 2007

Remember, if you use multisession mode so that you can add more to it until it is full, you won't be able to show it on your TV until it is finalised.

  pj123 13:47 28 Dec 2007

Sorry, brundle. Should have checked your link out first.

  renard 21:27 28 Dec 2007

Many thanks to everyone who has responded to my question. The points about making duplicate copies are also well taken, thanks.

Please can one thing be clarified for me. I understand from the above that if I burn a CD-R disc, I cannot view it through my DVD player until it is "finalised". But does "finalising" mean that no more images can be added to the disc? If so, I can see me finishing up with dozens of discs, each using less than its potential capacity.

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