Which digital photo viewer/album is right for me?

  Alexandra Benson 15:40 23 Aug 2018

Hi. I am wanting to find a digital photo album as opposed to a frame which is on display. I only want to access it in the same way I would have done with an old paper album - pick it up when I want to and scroll through all my albums at my own pace. I'm finding it really difficult to ascertain whether this is possible - most of the available photo frames seem to be aimed at having photos regularly on display, which is not what I want. I suppose that I essentially want a tablet, but which only displays photos (and video if possible), turns on really quickly and can be scrolled through at a decent pace (my computer can be quite slow at moving photos on when I'm wanting to scroll through quickly.) Any idea which product would be right for me? I'm willing to pay for good quality, but don't want to end up with the wrong thing. I'm also not bothered whether it has wifi connectivity as I like to keep all of my photos backed up on a memory stick so happy to just use that. I want something simple, fast and easy to use.


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