which digital camera ?

  greggs 20:50 15 Jan 2003
  greggs 20:50 15 Jan 2003

I am undecided on the Fuji Finepix 2800 or the Fuji Finepix A303.The 6x zoom appeals (2800) but the 3 meg also appeals!(A303).Any advice,opinions on these two cameras,ie, ease of use, pics quality,battery
life,would be appreciated.I have checked Fuji website but would like actual 'users' views before splashing out.
Thanks in advance.

  Gongoozler 21:08 15 Jan 2003

greggs, I don't have a Fuji (my camera is a Sony), but you can read user and expert reviews on this site click here.

In choosing my camera I went for a 3.3Mp camera with 3x zoom. Some considerations you need to make are whether the bulk of the 6x zoom would give you a problem and whether the lack of an optical viewfinder in the 2800 would worry you. If you are likely to need to photograph distant objects then the 6x zoom would be useful, but if you photograph at 3Mp you can do a lot of the zoom function on the final picture. You also need to consider battery life, and whether you will ever want to have a picture that will print to A4 without pixellation.

Fo most of the pictures I take I set my camera to 1280 x 960 (1.2 Mp) to get more on the memory card, but I like to have the extra resolution for if I ever get that scene that I feel really warrants the extra resolution.

  Gongoozler 11:12 16 Jan 2003

Thanks for replying.I see the finepix 2800 does have an electronic viewfinder.My main concern is that this would use up batterie power and this camera takes 4 aa batts as opposed to the 2 aa in the 3 mp A 303.The 2800 does have excellent user reviews the A 303 being newer does not have as many but still gets excellent review from owners. Its a decision only I can make.!!


Hi Gregs, the electronic viewfinder won't necessarily use the battery power significantly faster, but when the battery is running low you won't have the option to turn the electronic viewfinder off and use the optical one.

  Bun 14:06 16 Jan 2003

I've a Nikon 990 and the one thing I wish for is longer life in the batteries it's a nuisance having to carry a spare set. Whichever Fuji you decide to buy treat yourself to some 1700mAh rechargeables you won't regret it.

  Troop Leader 14:33 16 Jan 2003

I have never been a big fan of Fuji Digital Cameras, but if that's what your heart is set on then take a look at click here where you can get LOADS of info from actual users of all types of digital cameras.


  Gongoozler 14:33 16 Jan 2003

Greggs and Bun, spare 2000mAh AA NiMH batteries at a good price - click here

  ripvan 18:41 16 Jan 2003

greggs take a look at the canon ixsus cameras.Similar spec to what you are looking at.But they are metal cased and fit into your pocket.They come with a lithium/ion battery which is small but unlike nicads they don't have a 'memory' so can be recharged without having to discharge first.The charger is only small and comes with the kitAnd 7dayshop.com do extra 'non' canon ones for only £20.The software with canon is also quite good.Whatever you get also take a look at qimagpro imaging software from click here to use for your printing it is all explained on the site.I use it with my ixsus v1 a 2 meg camera and can print 8*10 good quality prints on a lowly epson 20 printer
good hunting

  timothy44 18:55 16 Jan 2003

I am on my third FUji and obviously think they're excellent, having started with the 204 then s304 and now s602, the 6x zoom is an excellent feature and the results from fuji are superb. As you say only you can decide. I hope you enjoy whichever you choose

  tomsdad 18:56 16 Jan 2003

I have got the 303 and is a great little camera, I would recommend it to anyone. Its real easy to use and was taking picture 2 mins after I took it out the box. I have had it about 2 months now and am well impressed with it, the batteries will take about 200 pics with flash and more with out flash. I don’t think you will be disappointed if you get the 303, Tomsdad.

  Hinny 19:54 16 Jan 2003

My husband has an Olympus700 with 10x Zoom (excellent) better than his other camera Fuji4700.
But I bought a Casio Elixim pocket size camera at Christmas and I am getting really good results, I am happy with it, it may be worth a look. Jessops have it on their website at £249, the shop has it for £179 !!. Cheers

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