Which digital camera?

  Sheila-Jo 22:56 29 Mar 2004

I'm interested in buying a quality digital camera.I don't have very much knowledge and the more I read, the more confused I become.
I want something that is easy to use but is capable of producing excellent pictures.
What kind of things should I be looking for?
I could pay up to about £350.
Any ideas?

  temp003 07:36 30 Mar 2004

With your budget, you should be able to get quite a decent camera with 5 mega-pixel, but even a 4 mega pixel count will do. Lens range within your budget would usually start with 35mm or 38mm. Then compare the zoom range, and decide how much zoom you want. Ability to take short movie clips with sound is almost always included now (Compare maximum time allowed). Direct printing is quite often included, but not necessarily useful.

You can start looking in the Olympus mju series and the Canon IXUS series. These are simple cameras with good looks. The available functions will let you take a good photo in most settings, but you will not get controls such as aperture priority or shutter priority.

I'm afraid it's all a bit baffling in the beginning, but you will get there.

You won't go wrong with a Canon, but then there are so many decent cameras ....

  Dumble452 07:54 30 Mar 2004

This thread may be of help click here

  daisy2bell 07:57 30 Mar 2004

After much debating, I went for theFujifilm Finepix F401. It has 4m pixels, very good quality pictures, small enough to slip in your pocket and handy to hold. Comes with a cradle where you can download immages to the computer.
I am a keen photographer and normaly use a SLR, but have been using the digi one for about a year now and am very pleased with the results. crystal clear/sharp pics. Also has a movie option and sound recorder.
My ultimate aim is to get a digi SLR when prices are much lower

  Robert-272781 08:17 30 Mar 2004

I debated which camera to buy for 4 months before buying and I would offer this advice - do you only want to take snapshots? if so buy one that will easily fit in your pocket so it is at hand when you need it, do you want to zoom in close? get a 10X optical zoom (not digital) - the camera is bigger but you have more flexibility. Do you want prints bigger than A4 size? if so get a 5Mp camera, else a 4Mp or even a 3Mp will be great. Make sure that you hold the camera before buying as it must feel comfortable to you otherwise you won't use it. But an additional 128Mb memory card and some high power rechargeable batteries. Lastly, whichever you buy, take pictures on at least a high quality, you get less pictures per memory card but get the option of good quality prints. I bought an Olympus C-750 UX for £269 )UK digital cameras) and have been delighted with it.

  dregn 08:36 30 Mar 2004

I also deliberated for some time before buying my second digital camera.
My first is an Olympus 3030 which has been great and I would certainly buy another Olympus model.
However, a couple of months ago I bought online a
Canon IXUS 400 and have no regrets. It is a briliant little camera and fits in a shirt pocket.
It takes 256MB CF cards ( Good price from Crucial Memory ) and has good battery life.
I bought a spare battery and have had excellent results during a month's holiday in South Africa.
Highly recommended.

Denis Regan

  GroupFC 09:12 30 Mar 2004

That's what I was going to point Sheila-Jo to, too!!

  Sheila-Jo 21:33 30 Mar 2004

Thank you all for your help.
I think I'm in a much better position now to make a decision.

  anchor 09:15 31 Mar 2004

I have had various digital cameras over the last few years. As you will see from my post on this thread:

click here

my current one is the Canon S50. I am extremely fussy and demand high quality; the Canon S50 provides this. It is 5Mpixel, and thus allows me to cut & crop, whilst still retaining excellent resolution. My wife, (who knows nothing about taking photos), uses it on "auto", and gets top results every time.

It also is a convenient size, which allows me to slip it into my pocket. Here is the Canon site for full details.

click here

Don`t forget, Jessops camera stores will price match click here;

just take a print out. You could then see and handle it before deciding.

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